Brigham Auctions Ltd. announces its next two sales for June and November 2014.

Brigham Auctions Ltd. announces its next two sales for June and November 2014.

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February 7, 2014
(Brampton, Ontario) – Charles J. G. Verge, CEO of Brigham Auctions Ltd., is pleased to announce that Part II and Part III of the sale of The Brigham Collection will be held in June and November 2014 respectively. Part I, The Large Queens, is being sold on February 21-22, 2014..

Part II will be held June 6-7, 2014 and will comprise of the late Victorian issues of Canada. These issues had currency from 1897 until 1903 when the stamps of King Edward VII were put on sale. Four issues were printed in this short period of time. The Jubilees and Maple Leaves were produced in 1897 whilst the Numerals and Imperial Penny Postage commemorative stamp appeared in 1898.

The Jubilee Issue
In 1897, Queen Victoria celebrated her Diamond Jubilee and the Post Office Department decided to issue a single 3¢ commemorative to celebrate the event. Trial colour proofs in many colours were prepared. However before the stamp was issued, the new Postmaster General, Sir William Mulock, decided that a more substantial series of stamps was warranted. Sir William had a great interest in stamps and decided to emulate the United States 1893 Columbian Exposition stamp series. He instructed Post Office officials to issue 16 stamps ranging from ½¢ to $5. The stamps depicted the Queen in two portraits; one at the beginning of her reign in 1837, the famous Chalon portrait, and one in 1897.

The Maple Leaf Issue
The Small Queen issue was in use for more than 25 years when the new Government of Sir Wilfrid Laurier decided that a new set of definitive stamps was warranted. At the same time the Post Office changed printers for the production of its stamps.

The Numeral Issue
The Maple Leaf issue did not have the denomination in Arabic numerals. This caused a problem for postal clerks who had to rely on colour to identify the stamps in sometimes difficult lighting circumstances. Additionally, and more importantly politically, the denomination were written in English only causing difficulty for more than 25% of the population whose mother tongue was French and spoke little or no English. Finally, it was more difficult for the illiterate portion of the population to identify the stamps without the numerals. So, less than a year after its introduction, the Maple Leaf issue was replaced by the Numeral Issue.

The Imperial Penny Postage Commemorative
It is commonly called the “Map” stamp or the world’s first Christmas stamp. The stamp, whose preliminary sketches were conceived by Sir William Mulock, was issued to commemorate the introduction of the Imperial Penny Postage rate of 2¢ to almost everywhere in the British Empire. The rate went into effect on Christmas Day 1898 and created an anomaly where the domestic rate and the rate to the United States remained 3¢ until January 1, 1899, when they were both reduced to 2¢.

Part III of The Brigham Collection will put on sale a variety of rare and elusive Back-of-the-Book issues as well as an array of full sheets of proofs and stamps covering more than a hundred years from 1851 to 1952.

This type of material is usually described as material listed after the stamps in North American catalogues. European and other country catalogues frequently integrate some of these items in their chronological cataloguing. For the purposes of this auction, this sale will include most or all of the following types of postal material: Semi-Postal, Airmail (Government and Semi-Officials), Express and Special Delivery, Registration, Postage Due, War Tax, Officials, Revenues, Postal Stationery and Officially Sealed as well as sundry other items.

Full Sheets
Mr. Brigham has a fascination with full sheets of proofs and stamps; many of which he purchased over the years to protect them from being broken apart. Amongst the key items are the full sheets of the 6¢ Small Queen and sheets of the Registered Letter Stamps including the only recorded full sheet of the 8¢. There is much variety in this material and there definitely will be many lots of material of interest to the specialist and plating collector.

About The Brigham Collection

According to experts, The Brigham Collection comprises the greatest and most complete collection of Canada ever assembled. It spans over 150 years, with material ranging from the World Philatelic Champion collections of the Pence and Cents issues of 1851-1868, to the sought-after varieties of the Elizabethan era. Housed in more than 150 volumes, The Brigham Collection will be sold over the next few years by Brigham Auctions, Ltd.

The Brigham Collection has been a source of pride for Canada, garnering some 25 Large Gold Medals at international-level exhibitions and several Grand Prix competitions, including the Grand Prix d’Honneur at BELGICA 2001 – the first and only time a Canadian collection has won the World’s Philatelic Championship. This triumph was realized in the minimum required time by the Fédération Internationale de Philatélie – a record that has yet to be equaled.

It also has won the Grand Award at the Convention of The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada an unprecedented five years in a row with five different segments of the collection. The Brigham Collection won the prestigious American Philatelic Society’s 1998 Champion of Champions competition with the Pence and Cents and the Grand Award in the Open Class with the Large Queens, the first time any exhibitor won both American championships in the same year.

Key items of the renowned collection include the rarest Canadian stamp, the 2¢ Large Queen on laid paper; the only marginal pair of Twelve-Penny Black in private hands; and a block of ten of Canada’s most iconic stamp, the 1959 Inverted Seaway.

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