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Brigham Auctions Ltd.
160 Main Street South, Suite #591
Brampton, ON
Canada L6W 4R1
+1 (905) 451-5072Tel +1 (905) 451-5072
Fax +1 (323) 315-2635
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Company Biography

Mr. Brigham founded Brigham Auctions Ltd. in 1998. From February 1999 through May 2008 the firm held 35 philatelic auctions, including name sales such as the million-dollar sale of Ron Saint’s New Brunswick. Collectors wanting to improve their current collections of Canada will be pleased to know that the auction house has been re-opened to sell the foremost collection of Canadian stamps and postal history ever put together, The Brigham Collection.

Announcing Part I: The Large Queen Issue 1868-1897

On February 22, 2014 Brigham Auctions Ltd. will offer the first part of The Brigham Collection of Canada. The Large Queen collection is Mr. Brigham’s favourite exhibit because of the uniformity in design and the variety of beautiful colours and shades of the stamps. The collection has garnered worldwide attention and recognition (see list of awards on the next page). Putting together a collection such as the Large Queens requires determination, knowledge and, some fortunate circumstances. It requires the help of dealers, other knowledgeable collectors and those genuinely interested in promoting the philately of Canada.

Request Your Catalogue Today

Complimentary copies of all of the catalogues will be available while supplies last. Call, fax or email your request today and enjoy studying this catalogue where you will notice the variety of papers – ten in all – used to print these stamps, as well as the many shades and printings, all adding to the major complexities of Large Queen collecting. Added to its short period of use (1868- 1872; except the ½¢ to 1882 and the 15¢ to 1897) it makes this a challenging and interesting collecting area.
Phone: +1 (905) 451-5072
Toll Free Phone: +1 (877) 412-3106
Fax: +1 (323) 315-2635