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Maxime S. Herold Brigham Auctions, Ltd.

Maxime S. Herold Brigham Auctions, Ltd.

(Brampton, Ontario) – Brigham Auctions, Ltd is pleased to announce that Ms. Maxime S. Herold joined the firm on July 29, 2013 as Chief Administrative Officer. Ms. Herold has been part of the professional philatelic community for the last 30 years. For the last four years she has run her own successful philatelic consulting firm in which she specialized in her passion: Canadian Philatelic Rarities. Prior to running her business she was employed at internationally-known firms and auctions houses. She has well-rounded experience in all aspects of the stamp profession. Ms. Herold has built a solid reputation and following among her clients, collectors and fellow dealers who have come to rely on her advice and her honest dealings. She is fluent in English, French and German and is a member of many professional and collector associations such as the Canadian, National and International Stamp…